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  1. 8th March 2018

    Well what a week....

    Our little village in Devon saw snow. The white stuff that usually resembles a sprinkling of icing sugar on our completely impractical village full of narrow streets and hills. This was the proper stuff, the fluffy version that leaves you house bound with rations of bread and milk!  Fortunately from a work perspective I had no weddings this week and battoning down the hatches with the woodburner on was a good chance to get paperwork, emails and mothers day well underway.


    As lovely as the snow was it was lovely to see it gone and for Spring to be in the air.  All the Spring flowers shall start to appear bringing with it the busy period.  What they don't tell you at flower school is the lovely weather is great but you will be working flat out to meet the demands of weddings.  Working from home has lots of perks but I am frequently answering emails ect at 10pm.  Its great fun and I wouldn't change it some of my best ideas come to me at weird hours.  

    So today is International Womans Day celebrating amazing woman all over the world.  There are lots of famous people being named in the press but lets not forget all the unsung heroes who go un mentioned.  All those mothers out there where just getting up and dressed in the morning is worth celebrating.  All the wives that wave there husbands off each morning and get ready for the next installment of ground-hog day.  All the working mothers that manage to have more plates juggling in the air than your average clown.  But ive been there I still am I applaud your efforts these little people need us, they will learn from us and turn into beautiful independent woman like you one day.  

    womans day

    Leading on from International Womans Day is Mothering Sunday this weekend.  One of the biggest flower weekends of the year.  I'm ready ive advertised, ive planned, im organised or so I thought..... nothing would ever be that simple!  Cue child number three becoming poorly, another day stuck to the sofa with countless episodes of Peppa Pig for company.  Just what I need when I have a studio ready to prep, buckets to prep, wrapping to organise and an order book to sort. Nevermind that can all wait to another ungodly hour and I will sacrifice sleep to deal with that list while I tend to my mini me.  A trip to the docs to sort her ear out and we are good to go.  A flower order completed at 1am to accommodate or the last minute orders and fingers crossed we are set.....   

    I'm really excited this year ive got some gorgeous blooms on there way to me and can't wait to get started on the bouquets.  I love Mothers Day despite being a mum I happily give up my day of being spoilt to make your day that bit extra special.  I've got a few secrets up my sleeve for the weekend to brighten a few more days.  I nearly have a full order book and for my first Mothers Day I can't ask for more.  So have a great weekend whatever your plans but please make sure you visit or phone your mum and tell her how special she is as sadly not everyone has that option.  judyname

  2. IMG_1652

    Very excited to have a Moongate on order ready for the 2018 wedding season. To celebrate the month of love  â¤ï¸ I'm offering any couple getting married in 2018 who i am supplying wedding flowers for a 50% discount for the hire of the moongate. £50 (usual hire price £100). The Moongate is bang on trend this year and looks beautiful as a backdrop to your ceremony, reception and a great photo opportunity. Legend has it that passing through the gate together will bring the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness.

    £50 includes the hire of the moongate only contact Judy for a bespoke personalised quote to dress the moongate. Flowers, foliage, lights, twigs and fabric options to suit your vision are available. 

    The offer is only valid for bookings already made or new bookings made in February 2018. 

    Pic courtsey of Pinterest and not my own.